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Grow it hairy yourself

A selection of eco friendly coir products to use in the garden. A great range offering an alternative to plastic pots, growing stronger and healthier roots on your plants, looking great and biodegrading in the soil after planting. Try some coir mulch mats which reduce water loss from the soil around the plant, suppress weed growth and slow up those slugs and snails.

Minimum order We have set a minimum order value of £16 (before delivery charge) to make sure that there is minimum waste of resources (you might be surprised to discover that our delivery charges do not actually cover the whole despatch cost, which is suprisingly high due to the bulky nature of hairy stuff).

Your box There is a guide in the individual pot description details which tells you the number of empty pots we can fit into a box for each pot size. If you are making up a mixed box it will help you work out the best combination to fill your box efficiently (cheaper for you, us and the environment). Don't worry if maths isn't your thing, just go to the 'checkout' and have a peek at the delivery charge, if it seems a bit high it's probably that your selection of pots has just pushed the delivery charge up to the next level so have a play with the numbers until your happy with the balance.

Hairy coir pots (with rims)Hairy coir pots (with rims)
No more messy difficult to deal with plastic pots. Handmade, eco friendly and ethically sourced range of Hairy coir pots with rims. Ideal for growing plants in your own garden.
Coir modulesCoir modules
Tiny pots that are great for growing your young seedlings in, before potting on or planting out in the garden.
Coir mulch matsCoir mulch mats
Lay these hairy mats on the soil around your prized plants for great protection. They reduce water loss from the soil, supress competitive weed growth, and the rough surface deters those slugs and snails. A great use of a natural hairy product.
Starter PackStarter Pack
A mixed box of hairy pots and modules to get you started growing your own.
Versatile hairy troughs measuring 53cm x 15cm x 15cm.


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